Hotel*** Paris | Le Relais St Charles
Hotel*** Paris | Le Relais St Charles
Hotel*** Paris | Le Relais St Charles
Hotel*** Paris | Le Relais St Charles

One of Paris’ principal department stores

The Bazaar of Hotel de Ville or BHV, officially Le BHV Marais since 2013, is a department store owned by the Galeries Lafayette group. It is situated in Paris, rue de Rivoli in the 4th district, opposite the Hotel de Ville, but encompasses several other neighboring buildings.

Businessman Xavier Ruel, Lyon native, began his career by employing street peddlers to sell knitted and crocheted goods at covered stalls. He realized that even after alternating the vendors, top sales were always effectuated at the corner of the rue de Rivoli and the rue des Archives. He decided then, in 1856, to open his store there.   In 1880, he began with a single storefront on the rue de Rivoli. Then the business grew and expanded, spanning an entire street block of buildings.

In 1855, a chance event favored the store’s destiny. As the Empress Eugénie’s carriage passed in front of the store, its horse team became startled,  bucking and rearing furiously in fright. Xavier Ruel immediately threw himself in front of the horses and succeeded in appeasing them. He was rewarded financially for this heroic act, allowing him to expand his store which he later named the « Bazar Napoléon ».

In 1866, he rented the largest part of a building situated on 54, rue de Rivoli. Three floors were then dedicated to sales.

Xavier Ruel died in 1900, leaving behind him an entreprise with over 800 employees. Henri Viguier (1877-1967) his grandson, took rein of the family business, now named the Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville. He completed the lifework of his grandfather, overseeing the vast building renovation in 1912 under the direction of architect, August Roy. With a new rotunda and modern structure, the department store measured 1 300 square meters of galleries spread over 11 floors and became a reference for fashion in Paris.

Only several steps from the quais de Seine, LE BHV MARAIS became then a notable address for shopping and leisure.

Its noteworthy departments : Do-It-Yourself and decoration, culinary arts, culture, fashion.
Le BHV Marais contains: a five-story men’s department store, Motorcycle, Bicycle and Pet Departments.

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Le BHV Marais is organized by department:

  • basement level,  Do-It-Yourself
  • ground and first floor, women’s fashion and apparel
  • second floor, culture, arts and crafts,
  • third floor, culinary arts
  • fourth floor, interior design and decoration
  • fifth floor, toys
  • sixth and top floor, bed, bathroom, and linens
  • a five-story men’s department store next door
  • an animal shoppe
  • a bicycle shoppe
  • carpet and tile shoppe

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